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Data Destruction

Using industry standard software, we ensure your data storage devices are erased to NIST and/or Department of Defense standards. Our auditing process ensures that there are no failures in erasing.


Our partners and staff have years of experience in crafting municipal E-waste programs. As environmental regulations change, choose NEER as your partner to assist in the processing of E-Waste. NEER has the knowledge and expertise required to handle your job safely and responsibly.

Data Center Services

We can assist in the decommissioning and packaging of your data center. Often times, older assets are considered an afterthought once new assets are deployed. 

This is often a critical point of failure in the end of life process.

Sort & Settle

Do you have a pile of assets but don’t want to deal with the inventory and logistics? NEER can provide you with the proper shipping material. Simply fill up the container and let us take care of the rest. You will receive a full report on what was received, and what value (if any) is recognized.


NEER will take on your assets for consignment. Leverage the power of our network to get the best price for your decommissioned assets.