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Data Destruction

Using industry standard software, we ensure your data storage devices are erased to NIST and/or Department of Defense standards. Our auditing process ensures that there are no failures in erasing.

Asset Remarketing

Our network of over 300 buyers can guarantee the highest return on assets that are reusable. We monitor all commodity markets daily and are constantly on the hunt for a more diverse network of buyers.

Municipal E-Waste Programs

Our partners and staff have years of experience in crafting municipal E-waste programs. As environmental regulations change, choose NEER as your partner to assist in the processing of E-Waste. We have the knowledge required for safe and responsible recycling.

Purchasing & Consignment

NEER purchases assets outright, as well as taking assets on consignment.

Logistics Services

We can arrange for your assets to be picked up with our own employees to ensure the chain of custody remains unbroken.

On-Site Project Assistance

Our employees can assist you on-site with many IT projects, including imaging and deployment.

Lease Return Services

NEER has extensive experience in working with many of the top leasing companies. We can secure your data, return assets to factory specs, and provide shipping logistics. Our staff will from your facility to ours and from our facility to the leasing company.

Data Center Services

We can assist in the decommissioning and packaging of your data center. Often times, older assets are considered an afterthought once new assets are deployed. This is often a critical point of failure in the end-of-life process.

Sort and Settle

Have a bunch of assets but don't want to deal with the inventory and logistics? We can provide you with the proper shipping material. Simply fill up the container and we will take care of the rest. NEER will provide a full report on what was received, and what value (if any) is recognized.

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Northeast Electronics and Recycling is a premier provider of responsible recycling services. Our combined 30 years in the IT asset disposition and recycling industry, NEER is positioned to be a one stop shop for all of your “end of life” services. We specialize in bringing maximum value for your re-marketable assets and providing worry free disposal services for assets with no value. 

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